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It's all about Julie

So anyway, working on the post with Nee where Bobby tells Julie that he has legacy. And I was just musing as I was writing my reply that as Julie is human, at least she can't catch it. And then... dun dun dun... the thought crossed my mind, what if she was a mutant all along? Whatever power she had it would have to be something subtle, like Domino's altering probability power.

And then it popped into my head, just like that: Binary. It fits in perfectly: her love of computers, and computer programing, and in a round about why, why she keeps having twins (or will continue to do so), as in binary code there are only two numbers, 0 and 1.

Now I'm tempted. And I don't WANT to be tempted. She's my token human character! I mean, I know there are a few other human chars, floating around, but not many. And and and... and I want her to be human. A powerless human (just differenticating he from witches, slayers and other powered humans).

And what's worse is that, even though mutant powers are hereditary, I could easily give B'E and Tom a related power that (also being sutble) no one could have expected to have noticed.

You have no idea how much this sucks.

I also had another idea. I was thinking in December when Friday gets Zac pregnant and they go to another dimension for a year, that she'll probably go with him - her. Y'know, to gloat. And then I was thinking, well, what if Julie went with them?

What if Julie went with them, met up with some people while she was there, and came back home with another set of twins?

Methinks could cause some strife between herself and Bobby.


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