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HR October 2004

Well, I've been having fun writing posts for my chars. I've finally thought of a few things to do with them, lol.

1. Prince Harry and Miette are working on becoming producers of their own movie series and soap opera.
2. Hunter will become a YIRAAS agent
3. Mark is going to take to stalking Shannon

There is at least two other things I have in mind, but they're going to take a while (at least 1 HR year) to accomplish.

I'm undecided if Ivan will become an agent as well.

As of this moment, I need to write three more posts for Oliver, two more for Julie, and one for Duke, Madame Bella, Mia and Ryder. I'm making Tate a rogue character cos she's not really in a position where I can use her at the moment.

On a side note, I've noticed that I keep writing "2005" for the year instead of "2004" lol
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