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Making observations...

So I'm doing some catching up on all the posts that have appeared over the weekend.

Tegz and Aimz have done nothing to remedy the disturbing idea that Christian is more like Ike and Tay's kid, rather than Tay's clone.

Additionally... I smell a war brewing. Or at least a new wave of refugeeism. Yep. Since Tegz wants to introduce the sentenials, I can see all the mutants (and possibly aliens as well, seeing as they'll target them too) fleeing the country. It'll be like the American civil war when they had the underground ralroad thingy happening, hehe.

History repeats, and all that.

Of course, in this case, the aliens and mutants will have an advantage, in that they have the teleportation amlifiers as well as Mexican and Canadian borders to cross. *nods*. Get 'em to Houston and they can go to the space station, England, and soon Genovia as well. Hehe.

Ooooh... makes one wonder what Hanson are going to do... I mean, this'll completely take away from real life, lol. Whoo hoo! Sentenials show up at a Hanson concert! Brilliant! MWAHAHAHAHA.


Okay I'm done, lol.


Okay maybe I'm not.

Hehe, been reminded of my plan to have Ike have a nervous breakdown. I think I'll have Ashley show up and try to kill the Hansons soon after Taylor returns home. That way Ike will have very little time to recover after rescuing Tay (again, hehe) before someone else comes along to try to cause them harm.

*delights in thought of Ike destroying things telekinetically in wake* I can see it all now... Isaac turning the contents of their apartment into shambles. Ike walking down the street and all the parked cars and street lights and rubbish bins falling down and getting smashed and scattered and car alarms going off in all directions.

Mmm... fun...
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