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But... but... Baldur's Gate!

Well, I feel bad that I haven't done much RPing lately. Partly it's because I've been RPing at work, and so sometimes I get interupted or just have lots of work to do. And party because I've had no new idea for posts (although some how I disocovered that I've fulfilled my quota for most of my chars) And partly (or maybe mostly) because I've become addicted to Baldur's Gate. And Agatha Christie mysteries - been going through them like there's no tomorrow. I feely admit I've been spending my afternoons as of late, playing Baldur's Gate. *nods*. I have a Gnome named Tiana who's a multi-class Illusionist/Cleric. Only Gnomes can be a multi-class specialist-mage. Hehe. And I finally got up to Chapter 4 this morning. And when I'm done with her I'm gonna start an Elf who's a Ranger :D

But that's not the point.

The point is... sorry.

Anyway, so I have to write a post for Leroy, and I wanna write a post for Mark. And then I need to write one more for Isaac and Zac (which undoubtably will happen when we can get the whole rescuing Taylor thing underway), and one or two more for Julie. I think it's two, but I'm not sure. I'll write two anyway. She's fun. I got an idea for her the other day though... I think after she has the twins she's going to get all self-conscious about how her body has changed from having two sets of twins, with barely over a year between them. I thought that maybe Aranince might 'see' that she's going to have more twins and offer her some sort of charm of some kind to soothe her vanity, hehe. Not sure what Ara will want in return though. Something to think about. I could always do a Rumplstiltskin type thing.

I think Julie is gonna have lots different types of twins. At the moment, of course, she has identical twins (even if they are the opposite sex, hehe), and next she going to have frats to differents dads, and after that I'm planning for her to have frats to the same father, hehe. Them later on I reckon she needs to have mirror twins (one twin is physically the mirror of the other, different handed, organs on the opposite side, etc), and conjoined twins. Yay Julie's gonna have 10 kids all up! (at least, hehehe).


Yes well...

Excuse me while I laugh evilly.


And oh, ok, I freely admit that Ben's been taking up all my Saturdays :) But in any case even if he weren't I'd still be playing Baldur's Gate.

I really should do something about that... it's distracting me from doing other stuff too... dangnabit...
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