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Ok, I felt like making a list of things to do, too, so here goes:

- Bobby to propose to Julie (currently underway)

- Faith to have her baby (I will need Zac on this... she's gonna call him and ask him to mind the baby after it's born)

- Faith and Angel to travel around... most likely ending at Egypt (just coz I feel like it)

- Eavan and Bryant to be kidnapped and have horrible experiments made of them (but I need to chat with Tegz about that)

- Faith needs to chat with Logan about her leaving for a bit longer

- Avery to decide to want to keep going slowly with telepathy (currently underway)

- A pack of wild dogs to attack someone just because that would be funny

- Rebekah to come back to NY

- Rebekah to do photoshoots while pregnant

- Rebekah to have the baby

Ok, that's all I can think of.

- Nessa
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