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Healing & Chars...

Seeing the chars that Joy's taken, I'm glad we grabbed Natalie. And now that Kate's staying on the station, there kinda goes the plan to have them all meet on tour again...

Anyways, because I was bored, as per usual lately, I was thinking about the powers of Healing and how many types there actually are. I figure they can be categorized - examples in brackets if possible.

Normal Healing: (Lauren, YIRAAS agent) The ability to heal themselves and others to a limited degree.
Animal Healing: (Dani, Taylor's ex) The ability to heal animals... duh.
Specialist Healing: (Duke from Anaheim) The ability to heal themselves and others, as well as being able to tell how an injury was inflicted.
Self Healing: (Wolverine?) The ability to only heal themselves.
Sensory Healers: The ability to 'sense' injuries within a certain radius and heal them - even without seeing them.

I dunno... I came up with a few others but didn't write them down.
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