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Things to do...

Just because I'm bored. I read back through posts and saw Tegz had done a 'list of things to do', so I am too =oP

♣ Have Blakesley find out about Taylor's ability to comprehend pheremones, thus allowing him to talk to plants.

♣ Have him find out about Taylor's ability to say one thing to someone, and something totally different to someone else, at the same time.

♣ Have Christian go out and get aliens for Blakesley.

♣ Have Ike & Zac rescue Tay during that time.

♣ Have Christian & Sheldon meet up.

♣ Have Christian finally meet Kit, and see Tanya again.

♣ Have Rex blackmail Christian - I can't remember what for. Something to do with Astrid or Blakesley.

♣ Have Christian caught and sent to jail - and have Guffery hear about it.

♣ Have Hanson go on tour in July/August.

♣ Have Taylor finally meet Natalie.

♣ Have Jackson go after Christian if he isn't back in his custody ASAP.

♣ Have Taylor go mute for a while, and stay with Ike through his whole mental-breakdown-scenario.

♣ Have Christian's headaches start.

Hmm... at least now I'll remember.
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