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1 - Rebekah starts dance classes again. Rex blackmails an English rapist.

2 - Nathan is following Lindsay, and Sabretooth checks on Christina.

3 - Rebekah visits the cemetary where Ian was buried, while her son Filipo dies in the care of Meg.

4 - Medea is considering Dathrian weres.

5 - Friday goes slaying in Australia. Lucious kills Christian's original foster mother in front of him as he begins to run out of time.

6 - Rebekah tries to kill herself and Jono saves her life. Miette gets a promotion, teaching others how to make holograms.

7 - Rebekah sees Xavier's counsellor, before she and Jono walk in on Octavian and Bobby. Vulpe elists the help of Rex to wipe out the Vinidichi clan.

8 - Julie awakens from her coma. And then Rachel comes to visit.

9 - Yvette reveals that she'll be in the very first movie done by aliens for aliens. Christian discovers more people want him as a trophy than he realised. Blakesley runs into Taylor outside a deli, but gets more than he's prepared for.

10 - Rebekah composes an emotional song. Students at Xavier's form a 'We Hate Dawn' club.

11 - The Eye is no longer, thanks to Avery. Christian escapes Lucious, and makes it to Houston with Varian's help. He impersonates Taylor to get onto the station, and it's while he's with Tanya the Fridith in his mind becomes activated. Jamie slips into a coma.

12 - Aranince submits late artwork again.

13 - Friday is taunted by her half brother on Black Friday. Astrid destroys the unborn child of Priss. Christian is given the Spider Pendant.

14 - Tina and Dave enjoy a Valentine's Day date. Bobby, Rebekah, Octavian, Demetria and Logan are taken in by Rex. Dawn and Clark undergo a transition together. Jessica makes supper for her family. Taylor calls Mouse for their one year anniversary. Zac and Faith settle into their new home.

15 - Spike, Xander, Willow, Drusilla and Angel return, thanks to Octavian and Demetria. Gwen is rushed to hospital. Astrid chases Brand and Varian onto the space station.

16 - Gwen tries to work out how to tell Mordred she's dying. Dawn and Clark return to school. Yvette struggles with her feelings for Oliver.

17 - Julie and Bobby finally start a relationship.

18 - Isaac begins getting his storywriting skills recognised.

19 - Gwen makes a video for everyone. Rex swaps Demetria for Rebekah, before abusing her as well. Taylor helps Avery leave her room after the incident with the Eye.

20 - Rogue and Gambit talk about the future. The tournament begins.

21 - Second day of the tournament, and Zac catches up with Julie... among others.

22 - Oliver convinces Leroy to looking into getting Isaac's story published. Third day of the tournament.

23 - Gwen passes away. Clark is on the news and in trouble for his antics.

24 - Rebekah is in trouble with Rex. Sophie doesn't come home one night. A white dove makes a scene at Sheldon's foster father's funeral.

25 - Julie, bobby and Octavian engage in a threesome.

26 - Julie and Scott have a confrontation about her pregnancy and her parents. Taylor shows up at Mouse's home, demanding he take Malory from her.

27 - Bobby tells Rebekah about Gwen. Octavian summons Khaos in an attempt to retrieve Demetria.

28 - Christian shows up at the Rabbit Hole in an assassination attempt.

29 - It's Matt's birthday. Sabre and Priss... leave. Khaos brings Gwen back for 24 hours only. Blakesley inspects his new private labs, and his newest experiment Kass.


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